Fun, Engaging, Out of the box activities to do at home with your kids

While there’s a time and a place for screen time, there’s also a time and place for kids to participate in fun activities at home, and most of these activities can be set up with items you likely already have in your home! Many of these activities will stimulate your child enough to keep them engaged, and provide some sort of challenge, environmental curiosity, or educational component/takeaway while having fun!

Find and seek colours and objects.
There’s a few ways you can play this game! You can play this game timed or untimed (i.e. set a time for 1 minute for the child to collect as many items as they can), starting with colours. For example, find objects around your house that are the colour red! The child will then walk around the house collecting objects that are the colour red. Another way you can play this game (for older children), is to ask them to pick a letter. With the same goal in mind, they will find objects around the house that begin with that letter. You could also make this fun by doing each letter in the child’s name! This activity is best suited for children aged 2-5 and is so simple but so much fun. 


Tea time.
Setting up a tea time event for your child is so much fun! If you really wanted to get creative with it, you could select a date and time (even if it’s for later that day), and write out an invitation and a menu list. Using a tea set, or play cups and plates, set the table together. Children love to be involved and having them help with the preparation of this activity is half the fun! Invite your child’s dolls and/or stuffed animals to the tea party also. Using whatever tea time foods/drinks you have available in your home, maybe it’s hot chocolate, decaffeinated teas, biscuits, cookies, crackers, mini sandwiches etc., set the table and enjoy bonding with your child(ren) over this tea time experience! 


Yoga for Kids.
One of the best activities for kids, both mentally and physically, is to get them interested in yoga! There are so many great yoga for kids programs out there but one of our favourites is Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. These classes are so much fun! With new videos coming out every week, Cosmic Kids Yoga uses storytelling as a guide to the yoga stretches. It’s a very engaging and mindful practice for the child and we highly encourage giving it a try! 


Building towers.
This may be one of the simplest off-screen activities to do with your children but sometimes forgotten. Finding stackable objects around your house, for example, toilet paper rolls or tupperware, get your child to build the tallest tower they can. Sometimes it’s fun to see if the tower can be built taller than they are. 


Toothpick and Marshmallow challenge.

Ideal for children aged 5-8, this challenge is a lot of fun in integrating creative thinking and problem solving while having fun. Using only toothpicks and marshmallows, help your child in discovering the best way to build a bridge. You could add an additional task here by attempting to make it strong enough to hold an object (like a piece of fruit or a toy). You can also play around with different versions by using straws and uncooked spaghetti to see which ones hold up better! 


Listen to podcasts.
Did you know there’s quite a large selection of podcasts for kids? Podcasts are growing in popularity and Common Sense Media released the top 25 podcasts for kids where you can find categories ranging from storytime, to brainteasers, to answering all their “why” questions!

We hope you found these ideas helpful and give them a try and report back how they went for your kids!


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