“Does my child need a tutor?” A quick checklist for parents who are considering tutoring for their children in 2021.

Would it be a 2020 blog post without acknowledging the fact that this year has been…unconventional?! We have collectively been through the most challenging year of our lives, I think we speak for the collective in saying we’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring for us in adapting to this new “normal”. 

One of the many challenges parents in particular have been dealing with since the lockdown back in March, is the growing concern of children falling behind academically. Hot off the press, the Ontario government announced this week that we are expected to go into a province wide lockdown beginning Christmas Eve…talk about getting coal for Christmas! Expecting to last 28 days, elementary schools are not likely reopening the first week of January as they normally would, and to expect some virtual learning. 

We’ve put together a little read for you in thinking about tutoring as a way to keep your children on track academically, and what to consider when seeking out a tutor in 2021. 

Considering getting a tutor for your child(ren)? Think about these areas where they may need some support:

Needs Improvement In Grades Perhaps one of the most obvious indicators for seeking out a tutor would be poor grades. Maybe your child seems uninterested in the lessons being presented in class, or they are struggling with homework. Seeing less than desirable grades can be disheartening as a parent and student. Your child may benefit from a period of one-on-one sessions with a tutor to get the extra support they need in improving their grades.

Struggling to Focus Not an uncommon characteristic in students, struggling to focus with dozens of other distractions in the classroom, or studying at home, can be frustrating. Seeking out additional help with a tutor may help get your child back on track with their learning progress, and help them with the tools they require to engage in a classroom setting. If the tutor is a great fit, this might also get the student more interested in the material, and increase their focus. 

Signs of Lacking Confidence Does your child need help gaining confidence In a learning environment? Are they avoiding study or resisting the work? Perhaps it’s not a case of poor grades, but rather learning the skills to engage proficiently in a classroom setting which can make all the difference In your child’s development. If they don’t feel like they know the content, or feel its too hard for them to grasp, they could disengage. 

Other? There’s this assumption about tutoring that it’s only for those who are struggling academically, but that’s simply not the case. There are many other academic and morale-enhancing benefits that parents see valuable in hiring a tutor for their children which makes tutoring a thriving industry. Having a tutor that’s a great fit for the student can enhance academic success and their general happiness and well-being. 

What has been your biggest challenge in 2020? What’s something you’re looking forward to in 2021?

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