About Us

Our Mission

We believe a child’s education journey shouldn’t be left to trial and error.

Every tutor listed on LumenEd has been trained on how to increase student confidence and academic success, while creating a rewarding and engaging tutoring experience. We want every student to love learning, build great study habits early, and be confident and excited about their education. Working with the right person is the most important part! That’s why we’ve made it our mission to match students with their best-fit tutors. We work with professional tutoring agencies with experienced hiring practices and great reviews and we bring them more of the right clients to serve.

Our Story

Founded by parents, to make our lives a little bit easier

We created LumenEd because we understood the overwhelming need for parents to reduce the confusion, stress and uncertainty that comes with hiring a tutor. 

We provide a matchmaking marketplace where parents can hire a tutor based on their best-fit personality match from quality providers, and tutoring companies can list their quality, vetted tutors to find more of the right clients to serve. 

Less Trials, More Success

40% of families with tutors have had to switch more than 2 times to find the right fit.