5 awesome Apps for Kids to download for Online Learning

Whether you’re engaged in online learning at home or not, you may find yourself browsing through the App store, looking for the best apps for your children so that they can have screen time, but also feel like they are learning simultaneously! 2021 has been unconventional to say the least, and so there is nothing wrong with letting your kids keep busy with daily tablet activities. If you are looking for supplemental learning activities to do off screen, check out our other post, Fun, Engaging, Out of the box activities to do at home with your kids, where we gathered some of our favourite stay-at-home activities to set your kids up with to limit the amount of times you hear “I’m bored!” in a day! 

There are so many great apps in both the Apple and Google app stores but here are a few of our favourite educational apps for kids! ⁠Some are completely free, and some are free with paid upgraded features.

Khan Academy:
⁠The first one we suggest is Khan Academy and it’s completely FREE! Five animal characters guide kids in hundreds of games, lessons, and stories vetted by early-childhood education experts. Whether your child needs to learn how to print their name, take measurements, or count backward, there’s a lesson in the app’s well-organized library, and, they just added 60 new books to their digital library!

Next up is Kiddopia, a free app with paid options for $8.99/month to allow access to different levels and stages of learning. Kiddopia is the one-stop-app that has the perfect balance of education and entertainment for our littles! Ranked one of the top 5 apps in the Apple app store, has over 3k reviews, and 7+ million users worldwide, this app will not disappoint! ⁠

Lingokids is a great resource for teaching English to kids, whether it’s their primary language or not! This app had a free version with paid yearly membership for $60 and  is ideal for children 2 to 8 years of age, through which they will learn English in a fun, playful way. With over 600 games, video lessons, and audiobooks, there’s something for every child’s level and interests! 

Try ABCmouse for free for 30 days and then it’s $9.95/month for the monthly subscription! Math and Reading for Kids aged 2–8 ABCmouse is an award-winning learning program that covers reading, math, art, music, and more.⁠

CrashCourse YouTube
⁠Finally, we have a recommendation that originally launched as a highly engaging YouTube channel called CrashCourse, with daily educational videos on all kinds of subjects like world hist, biology, chemistry,  literature,  psychology, film, physics and so much more! They recently launched their very own App and it’s great for crash course learning and 

Have you tried these? What are some of your favourites that you’d add to the list? ⁠

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